Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet? Keep up with our 8 Days of Techmas for innovative gifts that the whole family will enjoy.

Codify Zone Inc. provides your child with the right set of tools to enhance their confidence, boost their self-esteem and let their imagination run wild. Get the little coder in your family ready with the winter program session.

Amanda Steene Custom Cosmetics takes what you love about colour, texture, tone, fragrance, and skin care and create a premium custom formulated product to your liking. See here for customized beauty and skin products.

House of Anesi changes fashion with their innovative bra that adapt up to two cup sizes and two band sizes. See how you can get your hands on their brassiere.

GardenJet Root Feeder is a sub-surface watering device which delivers water to the most important part of a plant, its roots.

Enable Education brings learning to life and captivates young readers with their new book “Hey, I’m a Story!

Gate Buddy GateBuddy™ is a magnetic gate holder that installs effortlessly in the ground. See how this is the perfect gift for the gardener in your family.

Designed to protect joint tissue, improve mobility and decrease stiffness, Tri-ACTA is a powder to mix into your pet’s food each day to keep him healthy and happy!

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