A Framework for Reopening our Province

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As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, focus is beginning to shift to what comes next. Once the public health crisis is more contained, Ontario’s economic recovery and resiliency will be the next challenge.

The Ontario government is thinking about how to support businesses as they begin to re-open.  On April 27, the Premier released a Framework for reopening the province, which outlines how the province plans to gradually re-open the economy, as well as important health-related considerations that will support that approach. Safe workplaces must have a plan that promotes and adheres to strict hygiene and sanitation standards, and physical distancing to the extent possible.

In order to ensure that businesses protect their employees and customers as they begin to re-open, The Ontario government is seeking your assistance in communicating to members, businesses and clients that there will be a need for non-PPE products such as thermometers or alternative technologies to read body temperature such as thermal imaging cameras, as well as test kits and other supplies such as a product or app that helps with social distancing.

If you think that your company can contribute to the government’s efforts to re-open the economy in a safe way, please direct your way to the Ontario Together Portal ideas.  The Ontario government would be willing to work with a start-up company to help support scale up to meet one of these COVID-19 Innovation Challenges. Funding is available for this purpose under the Ontario Together Fund.



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