A special feature for Haltech News, written by Larry Jackson, Editorial Edge Communications

Even experts need help and help works best when it’s easy to get. That’s the guiding principle the people at The Emerson Suite built into their mobile suite of management methodology tools. A highly effective management app for managers of all size businesses, available on mobile devices. The sort of help that managers need to succeed.

The Emerson Suite is an Oakville based startup. Its mobile technology is an evolution of the system its founders, Doug Emerson and Allison Christilaw have used in their management consulting businesses for many years. It is based on the pioneering work of the late management behaviourist, writer and consultant Dr. William J. Reddin. Turning that internationally respected management system into a mobile app was a complicated process. The first step was a professional hire. They brought in an expert in mobile technology. Radek Zajkowski was engaged as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. He is a technology and mobile development star with experience across many applications and industries. Within months he had developed a functional prototype that was robust enough to be tested by the company’s initial customer targets; management coaches.

The reviews of the web-based mobile app were excellent. It was helpful. It clearly showed managers how to establish and achieve objectives while embracing the appropriate management style. But sales were slower than anticipated.  That’s when Emerson and Christilaw connected with Haltech. Haltech brought Vince Mifsud to the table. As Haltech’s expert Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Mifsud has successfully launched and lead four of Canada’s fastest growing software technology companies including his latest, Scribble Technologies.  He helped the team focus on the metrics required to grow a successful SaaS (software-as-a-service) business.

Allison Christilaw is very direct about the impact of Mifsud’s contribution. His insights, she says, were extremely helpful.  “Being a business leader can be very lonely,” she says. “Having someone to talk to is very important.  It is of great value to have someone in your corner.”

Since then the Emerson Suite team has made changes to its business model. They have changed their customer focus with great success. They now understand that their perfect clients are the managers that need the company’s mobile tools, not the coaches who are doing the consulting and training. The Emerson Suite is now growing rapidly. Its “Team Effectiveness Solution” has found a place with medium sized businesses locally and across North America.  They are now targeting penetration of the markets they knew and had success with when Emerson and Christilaw were running their first company, Managerial Design.

Their new success is undoubtedly based on the fact that they have a world class management systems app developed by their in-house team. They also credit the help they got from Haltech. “Great to work with” says Christilaw. “Everyone we dealt with at Haltech was focused on moving us in the right direction. We are very grateful for that.”