Hi5 Fall Pitch Presenters

House of Anesi


House of Anesi is a lingerie tech startup based in Toronto. Anesi means comfort in greek, and our mission is to create products that improve the health and wellness of women. The Anesi bra is our first product, it uses high-tech instinct to adapt to women’s breast size changes and bio-compatible gels to reduce back pain. It can expand up to two cups and two band sizes and can wick away moisture from the body.


Better Money Choices

 Better Money Choices is an online financial planning platform that has been designed to specifically suit the needs of Robo advisors as they pivot toward wealthier clients. Robo advisors’ initial success can be attributed to an enhanced client experience at a significantly lower cost.  Partnered with Robo’s, Better Money Choices brings a better client experience to financial planning and advice in a low cost and scalable platform. A cornerstone of the Better Money Choices offering is that enables clients to build plans that match the lives they want to live and in the process, allows financial advisors to be just that, advisors.



Enertics provide an early asset health warning and predictive maintenance intelligence for electrical assets in heavy industries. Our solutions prevent catastrophic failures in large heavy industries as well as help our customers save significant failure and maintenance costs by preventing unplanned outages. Enertics provide a comprehensive toolkit to provide a scalable, vendor agnostic digital analytics system to proactively alert the owners and users of assets for predictive maintenance & diagnostics, connectivity, and big data processing, and providing useful operations process intelligence.


IT Curate


ITcurate is a Furniture Trade Platform which connects consumers to retailers through a unique method of curating furniture and home decor.  It solves the online shopping dilemma by matching a consumer’s space, preference and budget.  The platform dramatically increases order value, allows total visibility for the retailer through the sales process and drives customer retention.  Over a short period, ITcurate’s unique Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the way we all shop for an assortment of high-value product like furniture.


ERGOTECH Solutions (Leen)

Leen is a product designed for temporary body support which consists of ergonomic properties. Leen is a wall mounted device designed to save precious floor space, while offering an alternative to traditional methods of seating. Leen has been designed to provide ergonomic benefits to the user by firmly supporting their lower lumbar and removing any discomfort from the lower back and feet associated with sitting/standing too long. The user will lean onto the device, thereby removing the downward pressure on the lower vertebrae which is consistent with traditional seating.



See presenters pitch live at the Fall Hi5 Pitch Competition on November 29th, 2018.

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