MacroMind Media Rethinks Mental Health Education #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2018

95 percent of mental health education programs in North America are delivered in bricks and mortar settings, restricting their reach to those in attendance. Most of these programs are didactic, costly, time intensive, and not built for today’s learners. MacroMind Media believes the path to supporting mental health in the workplace, and thereby reducing disability claims and increasing performance, begins with the mobile phone.

By 2020, 75 percent of the workforce will be millennial, and studies have shown that millennials currently check their mobiles approximately 250 times a day. For workplace programming, this means the most powerful engagement tool in history – a smartphone –  is already in the hands of a continental workforce. Driven by the clear advantages of digital wellness and considering Canada’s increasing thirst for access to mental health, MacroMind Media has grown significantly during its first year of operations.

MacroMind has been working to increase mental health awareness and decrease the pernicious effects of stigma in two main ways. The first is custom digital production for regional and national clients, and the second offering is “Headversity,” a mental health and mental performance program designed to engage today’s media consumer with best-in-class, modern and dynamic content.

To date, MacroMind’s custom digital production services have been contracted by some of Canada’s leading educational institutions, including the Mental Health Commission of Canada, The Integrated Concussion Research Program (ICRP) at the University of Calgary, the Ward of the 21st Century at the University of Calgary, The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

MacroMind’s largest impact project is the first digital learning program specifically designed for all first responders across Canada. The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) hired MacroMind Media to ideate, build and launch a first-of-its-kind mobile platform. This web app uses evidence-based coping strategies to help all Canadian Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, and 911 operators train in mental health and resilience, anytime and anywhere they see fit. From an operational standpoint, this platform offers the MHCC the opportunity to quadruple its training scope at no extra operational or material costs.

The second principal offering MacroMind has been developing is “Headversity,” a media-rich and millennial-oriented mental health and performance program that blends mobile learning with in-person training. A crucial element to the Headversity program is early recognition of mental illness as well as a unique channeling service for employees who crave greater performance strategies. It has been shown that early recognition and differentiated instruction for unique needs on both ends of the work spectrum drives better outcomes. Headversity’s original curriculum was designed by two leading mental health practitioners: Dr. Ryan Todd, a millennial psychiatrist, and Dr. Karen MacNeill, the Canadian Olympic performance psychologist. Following a beta launch in Fall this year, the program will launch in early 2019. 

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