On April 12, 2017 one of Haltech’s newest clients Dr. Sonny Kohli and his team at Cloud DX were honored as XPRIZE’s first Bold Epic Innovator, in recognition of exponential technological progress in the field of consumer-focused medical technologies, and potential for expanding access to healthcare when deployed at scale.

The team is a tight-knit group of programmers, software architects and bio¬medical engineers, backed by the savvy leadership of highly experienced entrepreneurs. After being selected as Top 10 finalists, the original 4-person startup expanded their team, developed key partnerships, and went to work designing every part of their Vitaliti Tricorder from scratch. While their ambitious approach ultimately fell short of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE criteria and timeline, their efforts have been remarkable. Since 2014 the team has raised $7.5 million and grown to a staff of 24, with 2 licensed patents, 3 patents-pending, 3 innovation awards and at least 4 incredible commercial products launched or coming soon.


VITALITI – the Cloud DX entry in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE – consists of four interdependent wireless devices connecting to an advanced mobile app running on a smartphone:

  • Wearable Continuous Vital Sign Monitor
  • Wireless Spirotoscope™ – combo otoscopic camera & spirometer
  • In Vitro Diagnostic System, including Nobel-prize winning GMR tech
  • Pulsewave® Health Station and tablet/smartphone dock

Vitaliti gathers multiple raw ECG, PPG, temperature and accelerometer signals from the body with high reliability. It continuously monitors all the main vital signs – continuous non-invasive blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, ECG, blood oxygen saturation and core body temperature – in real time, but it’s so comfortable to wear that you can sleep with it on. Clever hot-swappable battery technology permits continuous monitoring 24 hrs a day. The IVD platform includes Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) “lab-on-a-chip” technology developed in partnership with the Stanford Center for Magnetic Nanotechnology, a Distinguished Award winner in the Nokia Sensor XChallenge.  GMR can run simultaneous tests on any fluid sample at 10x higher resolution than standard tests.


Dr. Sandeep (Sonny) Kohli is an attending Physician in Internal Medicine & Critical Care at a hospital in Ontario, Canada and Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) of Medicine at McMaster University. He is also the Medical Director of Advanced Cardiac Life Support education at the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, and Chairman of Triomi Medical Innovations Inc. He is a former CSA Astronaut candidate and passionate medical volunteer in low-income nations and disaster zones.


Sonny Kohli
Robert Kaul
Anthony Kaul
Sara Ross-Howe
Melissa Perri
Justin Pedro
Mike Henhoeffer
Josh Haid
Terence Chen
Sarah Pearce
Natalie Chan
Evan Galasso
Cara MacDonald
Dejan Kocetkov
Shan Wang
Tyler O’Brien Shultz
Elaine Ng
Bryce Yao


Stanford Center for Magnetic Nanotechnology
Cortex Design Inc.
Pivot Design Group
Healthcare Human Factors
S.T.A.R Analytical Services
PortaScience Inc.
Symbient Product Development


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