Why Now is a Great Time to Live your EVP

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During any crisis, leaning into communication is key. And by communication, I mean all forms of communication – verbal, written, body language and even silence. From the words used, behaviours displayed and frequency of updates – authentic conversations and actions can help bring people together. On the flip side, when communication is infrequent, inconsistent or insincere, people tend to worry and make up their own stories. It’s how we are wired. So, you may be thinking, “What does this have to do with employer branding?”

Everyone is impacted during our current global crisis and impending recession. Businesses, their owners, leaders and their people. Their suppliers, partners, clients or customers, and investors. The brands they portray are monitored, scrutinized and talked about. How these brands act on the inside is a tell-tale way of understanding their ethos, values and purpose, and whether or not they remain true to their employer brand promise – the value provided to employees in exchange for the skills and capabilities employees bring to the organization. Reinforcing your employee value proposition (EVP) is not optional, ever, and especially when our society is turned upside down

Here are 6 tips to maintain and amplify your employer brand promise during challenging economic times


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