Why is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Important in Tech and Innovation?

Haltech is committed to equity and excellence in the pursuit of its mission because an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment enables all entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and contribute to original, significant, and ground-breaking innovations across Halton and beyond. Diversity strengthens the quality and impact of innovation by recognizing and bringing together multiple different ideas and perspectives.

At Haltech, we believe the wide array of perspectives that results from diversity promotes innovation and business success. This is supported by Harvard Law School which shows that businesses which are gender, age and ethnically diverse make better decisions 87% of the time. Haltech recognizes and acknowledges that there are distinct demographic groups that have long been disadvantaged.  Discrimination against race, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental and physical disabilities and all other forms of discrimination are problems for both our organization and society in general to help solve. Haltech is committed to tackling inequality and lack of diversity both within and outside our organization.

From the board to management, employees, and volunteers, our commitment to diversity is led by our diversity champions Our diversity champions make up our Diversity and Inclusion Committee which is responsible for ensuring our policy regarding diversity is articulated in the day to day running and the strategic direction of the organization.

Some of the responsibilities of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee are to develop, monitor, review and enforce the Diversity and Inclusion policy at Haltech. In addition to this, the committee will be overseeing Haltech’s commitment to the 50 – 30 Challenge.

What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?


The demographic mix of the community, with a focus on the representation of equity-deserving groups.


The fair and respectful treatment of all people. Equity is the process; equality is the result.


The creation of an environment where everyone feels welcome, is treated with respect, and is able to fully participate.

Haltech is committed to building diverse and inclusive programming for everyone

People of different racial or ethnic backgrounds
Indigenous Peoples
People of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity
Differently-abled and/or neuro-diverse people
Immigrants and newcomers
Underrepresented age groups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Our Initiatives

Women Entrepreneurs

Offering programming for women entrepreneurs fosters equitable growth in Halton’s tech sector.

Reconciliation, Equity and Anti-Racism Training

Staff, Board and Committees receive training courtesy of Oakville Community Foundation.

Code of Conduct & Reporting Protocol

Tackling discrimination starts with our core policies.

Land Acknowledgements

Honouring the Indigenous people who have lived and worked on this land historically and presently.

50/30 Challenge

Gender parity within our Board – and 30% representation of under-represented groups.

Fostering Diverse Talent

Our boutique-style client care strategy treats you like a person – not a number. That way you get equitable opportunities for growth.

Women-led startups at Haltech

Youth founders at Haltech

Social innovation clients at Haltech

We are working to report further statistics in the near future.

Meet our Committee

Marybeth Edge

Marybeth Edge

Chair of the Committee

Peter Jowahir

Peter Jowahir

Haltech Client

Perla Lopez

Acceleration+ Program Director

Julia Matthews

Julia Matthews

Haltech Client

Stephanie Mazhari

Stephanie Mazhari

Committee Director

Shane Ropp

Haltech Staff

Elizabeth Plouffe

Elizabeth Plouffe

Haltech Client

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